A long and successful career has seen Adriaan experience multiple awards and career highlights in the fine arts, academia and the interiors world. Here we chronicle some major highlights and awards throughout a lifetime of design:

Art World


1984 - Ingent international Art Exhibition, University of Stellenbosch

1985 - Established the Tygerberg Art Centre with approximately 300 pupils, which escalated to 1,500 pupils by 1996

1986 - Official opening of the Tygerberg Art Centre

1986 – 1993 - Nationally acclaimed biennial exhibition, Youth Art Showcase, officially opened by successive Directors-General of the Cape Education Department

 1988 - Huguenot 300 Festival Exhibition in Franschhoek and Cape Town

 1989 - Special Exhibition, Cape Education Department’s 150th Anniversary – Cape Town Civic Centre

 1992 - Special Award from the Cape Education Department for exceptional service as Art Educator

During 1985 - 1996 the Tygerberg Art Centre achieved:


  • 72 Artworks selected for permanent exhibitions
  • 10 Gold Medals
  • 6 Silver Medals
  • 1 Bronze Medal


  • 270 Artworks selected for permanent exhibitions
  • 47 Awards presented to individual pupils
  • 12 Art bursaries awarded to individual pupils


1994 - Established offices of the Western Cape Minister of Education and Culture, in the capacity of the Private Secretary


Interior World


1997 - Launched Adriaan Lochner Interiors cc

1998 - Bronze Award at the Index Exhibition

 1999 - Gold Award at the Ambience Décor & Lifestyle Exhibition

 1997 – 2002 - Designed and completed numerous interior projects for exclusive private clients

2002 - Best Stand Design, on contract to Castellano-Beltrame as Project Manager and Designer for the Living Space Exhibition, Cape Town. Approached by Castellano-Betrame for the position as Creative Manager.

2005 - Gold Award for Rooms on View, Johannesburg

2007 - Launched Adriaan Lochner Lifestyle

2007/2008 - Design Consultant to Castellano-Beltrame

2008 - Designed “Rooms with a View” stand for The Fabric Library in Johannesburg

2009 - Presentation to the Offices of “The Branding of Abu Dhabi”

2011 - Award of Excellence, Decorex, Cape Town

2012 - Award for Best Small Stand, Decorex, Cape Town

2013 - Award for Excellence, Decorex, Cape Town

2014 - Award for best Decor Stand, Decorex, Cape Town

2016 - Award for Excellence & The Best Plascon Colour Award, Decorex, Cape Town